This is a one day workshop aimed at the experienced RP/DRP/Senior Pharmacists involved in QA/RA.

Candidates need to have completed the QuadPharma RP Course or have been an RP/DRP/Senior QA/RA Management Role for three years.

The workshop focuses on managing the RP role rather than technical content.


  1. Consolidate understanding of the RP role
  2. Verify that you are meeting the latest requirements with regard to QA and RA
  3. Refresh and summarise knowledge on recent changes from SAHPRA
  4. Topics covered:
  5. Changes at SAHPRA and what they mean for the RP
  6. Revised regulatory requirements and how to manage them
  7. Making QMR (Quality Management Review) work for you and how to make use of quality metrics
  8. Risk Management requirements and strategies
  9. Audit requirements and how to manage auditing
  10. Conflict management and negotiation skills